About Nutrisattva

Nutrisattva is a protein innovation company focused on developing natural protein nutrition for individuals across age groups, nutritional needs, and lifestyles. Founded on the belief that the strains of urban living requires a natural, informed and convenience-based approach to good health, Nutrisattva develops products built on the knowledge of nutrition science, fitness and Ayurveda.


Protein deficiency is one of the most serious nutritional concerns in India right now. Right from childhood through early adulthood and beyond, optimum protein levels are necessary for muscle growth and maintenance, fighting disease, and regulating brain and body functions.


Nutrisattva aims to correct the nutritional imbalance in everyday life by enhancing the health and endurance of the individuals and communities served through transformational discoveries and innovations based on naturally derived proteins.


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The Founders

Headquartered in Anand, the dairy capital of India,Nutrisattva has been founded by three veterans from the dairy and nutrition sector.

Mr. BM Vyas is a seasoned expert from the dairy industry, having spent 16 years as the Managing Director of GCMMF (Amul). He is currently Chairman, BMV Consultants, helping companies like Gopaljee Dairy Foods, Parag Milk Foods and Manpasand Beverages transform from family-run enterprises to professionally managed companies. He was also a director with the National Dairy Development Board.

Mr. Shirish Upadhyay has more than 18 years of diverse experience in the dairy industry, having worked as Sr. VP with Parag Milk Foods and as Manager with GCMMF (Amul). He was instrumental in launching brands within Parag Milk Foods and developing it into a listed company. Currently, he is a partner at SBM Advisors, consulting with clients on organisational restructuring, strategy and development.

Dr. Ravi Khimani is a Consulting Nutritionist, Homeopath and Cosmetologist, working with clients across age groups. He is a Homeopathy and Nutrition consultant with Jay Clinic and a Cosmetology consultant under Aesthetica Clinic. A health-enthusiast himself, he is involved in active body building and other sports.


Proliva offers natural protein nutrition for people across all age groups and lifestyles. Packed with high-quality natural protein from sources such as whey, milk and soy, and fortified with superfoods, botanical elements and Ayurvedic ingredients; Proliva offers complete and balanced nutrition to keep you healthy, active and fit, no matter what your lifestyle.

The Protein Advantage
Protein is an essential nutrient for body growth and function, constituting around 20% of the total body mass and performing a vast array of functions, including catalysing metabolic reactions, replicating DNA, responding to stimuli, transporting molecules from one location to another, cell and organ formation, as well as muscle development.

Protein is broken down into amino acids, which supports muscle growth and cellular repair. Out of around 20 amino acids required for good health, the human body can synthesize only 11. Complete proteins are those sources of protein that contain all amino acids, including the remaining 9 essential amino acids not synthesized by the human body. High-quality lacto-vegetarian sources of complete proteins include milk, whey and soy. Unlike low-quality protein sources like cereals, good-quality proteins score high in terms of the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), Biological Value (BV), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Net Protein Utilization (NPU). Whey proteins have some of the highest scores among other complete proteins: >1 PDCAA, 92 NPU, 104 BV & 3.2 PER.

Nine out of ten Indians, regardless of the gender and socio-economic groups, have a diet deficient in proteins. Vegetarians have more protein deficiencies, with 91% suffering from protein malnutrition as compared to 85% of non-vegetarians*.
*Source: IMRB survey, April 2015

Proliva offers protein concentrates extracted or isolated from natural foods like whey, milk and soy. Concentrated protein offer protein-rich nutrition without adding to your intake of carbohydrates and fats. You can choose your protein based on individual requirements, i.e. slow-release proteins for all-day muscle building and instant-release proteins for a quick impact on performance. Proliva is especially perfect for those who need vegetarian sources of high-quality, complete proteins.

The Ayurveda Edge
Ayurvedic botanicals supplement protein in supporting immunity, brain health and growth. Their detoxifying properties aid in clean living and help you reach your fitness goals.

No additives, fillers or added sugar

The benefits of protein are often lost because of the high sugar and filler content in many supplements. Proliva, on the other hand, has no fillers or added sugar.

100% vegetarian

Proliva protein supplements are 100% vegetarian and derived from natural sources only. No ingredient in Proliva is derived from non-vegetarian sources.